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London park: Man Escapes Angry Deer

Oh deer! Nothing good ever happens when you get too close to a male stag seeking his female companion. Especially during mating season. Luckily this unidentified man who wandered too close to a herd in one of London’s parks managed to escape the antlered animal. Park officials have since warned strollers to keep a safe […]

Video: Formula 1 Spa 2012 Crash in Belgium

Fresh new Youtube video of a huge crash at F1 2012 Spa race in Belgium, after Maldonado jumped the start – with Hamilton, Alonso, Grosjean and Perez.

California On John Travolta

Arguably the perfect man and the famous Youtube sensation, Kassem G, interviews people in California about American actor John Travolta.

Kids on drugs by RWJ

New funny video by Youtube sensation Ray William Johnson. Here are the latest top videos: – Opening Beer With a Chainsaw, – Fat Kid Parkour, – I Feel Dizzy!

CopperCab might be dead

Prepare yourself for a zombie apocalypse 2012! The ginger has warn you in this top 10 youtube video!

Williams F1 garage on fire – Spanish GP 2012

Top 10 Youtube video about the explosion and a fire in a William Formula 1 garage in Spain (Grand Prix 2012). We’l stay safe, but send a camera down there Transcription: all the cooking facilities of this allows … .. . ….. but that it was you guys added on the …….. ….. … ……. […]

Obama as first pro-gay president

New Top 10 Youtube video by Philip De Franco with the latest stories: Netherlands Net Neutrality: – Binary Adder in Portal, – Diablo 3 Cartoon, – I can marry You, – Amendment One Passes in NC, – Obama for Gay Marriage.

Knockout in 4 seconds

Break channel just posted new Top 10 Youtube video about 4 second knockout at boxing. He just didn’t see it coming Oh yeah, and if you watch the TV in the background, Christiano Ronaldo just scored a goal!

Top 10 Youtube: Stuck in a Toilet

Most watched Youtube video lately from Smosh channel. Anthony gets trapped in a porta-potty when he gets stuck in the door. There’s no possible way he’s going to live through this one…

Robot Prostitues

New video by Youtube sensation Philip DeFranco. Latest Top Stories: – sxephil at Vidcon, – 7 Years of Youtube Videos, – Robots Replace Prostitutes, – Big Changes in new Photoshop, – George Zimmerman out on Bail, – Worst Majors.